Fantom-Factory is a domain of Alien-Factory that's dedicated to Fantom.

Below is a collection of links to websites, games, and projects I've created in, and for, the Fantom programming language.

Have fun!

-- Steve Eynon


Find Emma!

a retro text adventure game created as a Birthday present for my wife Emma. Feed animals, open presents, and find Emma!

Written entirely in Fantom; play online!

Escape the Mainframe

A simple jump and duck game to test your reflexes. Rendered in stunning retro 3D vector graphics. Think Tron meets Minecraft!

Written entirely in Fantom; play online or download the desktop app!


A horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up game.

Written in Fantom, the same code base runs in a browser (as pure Javascript) and as a JVM desktop application!


Intro to F4 IDE

An overview of the F4 Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Fantom Programming Language by Xored Software, Inc.

Autonomous Flips

Autonomous Flips with the Parrot AR Drone and Fantom.

An introduction to Parrot Drone SDK Fantom library and how to use it to connect to an AR Drone to take off, flip, and land!

The Developer's Choice

A 15 minute talk on the differences between the Fantom programming language and Java, showing some of the reasons why Fantom is a real viable alternative to writing pure Java.

Fantom is Fun

An introduction to, and a 5 minute lightning talk on, the Fantom programming language.


Flying Quadcopters

How to write a program in Fantom to control the Parrot AR Drone quadcopter with a keyboard, print real-time telemetry data, and display video feeds.

Fantom - Faster than Java

In surprising news, the Fantom programming language out performed Java by a factor of more than 2 to 1, and left Kotlin standing!

All Articles

Over 70 helpful articles on Fantom and all things programming.

Web Sites

Ask Fanny!

A mini search engine for the Fantom reference documentation


A mini-website that exhorts and promotes Fantom's main features.

Written in Fantom.


An open source repository for Fantom libraries, and home to the 50+ pods I've written!

From IoC and web frameworks, through database drivers, to speech recognition... get them all here!


A handy utility to test regular expression groupings and see generated Fantom code.

Written in Fantom.


A template BedSheet application to kickstart your web app development.

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