Fantom-Factory is a domain of Alien-Factory that's dedicated to Fantom.

Below is a collection of links to websites, games, and projects I've created in, and for, the Fantom programming language.

Have fun!

-- Steve Eynon


A mini-website that exhorts and promotes Fantom's main features.


Helpful articles on Fantom and all things programming.


An open source repository for Fantom libraries, and home to the 50+ pods I've written!

From IoC and web frameworks, through database drivers, to speech recognition... get them all here!


A horizontally scrolling shoot'em'up Game.

Written in Fantom, the same code base runs in a browser (as pure Javascript) and as a JVM desktop application!


A handy utility to test regular expression groupings and see generated Fantom code.


A template BedSheet application to kickstart your web app development.