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Welcome to the Future!

This elegant language runs on both the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the .NET Common Library Runtime (CLR). It even compiles to Javascript!

Some say it's the most readable Java language out there, others say it's the most productive. Either way, it's practical and it gets things done!

Bed Nap - An sample Fantom web application to use as a project template.

Write Web Applications!

Discover a wealth of APIs and libraries for creating exciting websites! Many of them hosted right here on Fantom-Factory!

Take the Fantom Bed Nap application for test drive, then use it as a project template!

Gundam - a shoot'em'up game written in Fantom

Write Games!

With graphic libraries for eclipse SWT and Javascript there's nothing to stop you!

Play Gundam, a shoot'em'up written in Fantom! Download it for desktop use, or play online in your browser!

Fantex - An online regular expression editor for Fantom

Write Anything!

Fantom connects to Mongo and SQL databases, has powerful IoC libraries and application servers. Heck, it even has Speech Recognition!

Fantom - suitable for desktop, embedded and browser applications.

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