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Welcome to the Future!

This elegant language runs on both the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and the .NET Common Library Runtime (CLR). It even compiles to Javascript!

Some say it's the most readable Java language out there, others say it's the most productive. Either way, it's practical and it gets things done!

Bed Nap - An sample Fantom web application to use as a project template.

Write Web Applications!

Discover a wealth of APIs and libraries for creating exciting websites! Many of them hosted right here on Fantom-Factory!

Take the Fantom Bed Nap application for test drive, then use it as a project template!

Gundam - a shoot'em'up game written in Fantom

Write Games!

With graphic libraries for eclipse SWT and Javascript there's nothing to stop you!

Play Gundam, a shoot'em'up written in Fantom! Download it for desktop use, or play online in your browser!

Fantex - An online regular expression editor for Fantom

Write Anything!

Fantom connects to Mongo and SQL databases, has powerful IoC libraries and application servers. Heck, it even has Speech Recognition!

Fantom - suitable for desktop, embedded and browser applications.

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Meanwhile on Fantom-Factory...

Here you will find libraries & articles to enhance & guide your Fantom programming experience.

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Find out the latest developments on Fantom-Factory!

Featured articles - stuff everyone should know about!

See Articles for a complete list of Fantom-Factory articles.

  • Fantom for Java Progammers in 10 Steps2 Aug 2014 - For those already familiar with the Java programming language this article briefly shows how Fantom differs in 10 main areas including fields, methods, classes and interfaces.
  • A Guide To Fantom For Beginners17 May 2014 - Links to articles and websites for beginners wanting to learn the fundamentals of the Fantom Programming Language.
  • A Guide to Writing IoC Services9 Mar 2014 - Links to articles that explain IoC services; how to write, define, and use them.
  • Hello Fantom! Hello World!23 Jul 2014 - An in-depth look at the 'Hello World' program in the Fantom programming language and how to execute it as a script.
  • From One Thread to Another...3 Jul 2014 - Examples showing how Fantom const classes can pass mutable state between threads using Unsafe objects, AtomicRefs and Actors.
  • Write a Web Server in 7 Lines!17 Jun 2014 - How to write a Web Server in Fantom in just 7 lines of code!
  • Basic HTTP Authentication With BedSheet3 Apr 2014 - How to setup Basic HTTP Authentication with Fantom's BedSheet web server, complete with examples on how to protect a single file, a whole directory or an entire application!
  • Fantom - Faster than Java and Kotlin!16 Jun 2014 - In surprising news, during a recent performance test the Fantom language out performed Java by a factor of over 2 to 1!


Libraries for Fantom are called Pods.

These the main pods every Fantom developer should know about.

See Alien Pods for a complete list of Fantom pods produced and maintained by Alien-Factory.